Exhibition: Sensations of Spring

Exhibition Information

(Featured painting: The Green Shade by Lee Lufkin Kaula (1865-1957))

On exhibition March 9, 2021 - May 18, 2021

The scrunch of melting snow yielding under our boots; the late afternoon sunlight enveloping the world in a dewy haze, providing warmth and nourishment for flora, fauna, and man alike; the fragrance of newborn blossoms emerging from their slumber to meet the world afresh, offering visual beauty and emotional comfort. These are the sensations of spring, the tangible impressions that greet us each year and usher in a time of rejuvenation for both Nature and the soul. In our exhibition, we’ve selected over 20 examples from the gallery’s traditional and contemporary artists that embody the season. Sensations of Spring is viewable on our website through May 18th, 2021.