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Over the years, Vose Galleries has produced countless catalogues that highlight works from our exhibitions and provide historical information about American artists. Most of our publications include original research from the Vose archives, a collection of Vose Galleries' records that dates back to our founding in 1841. We have an extensive collection of archival images — both of artwork we've handled, and of the artists themselves. Our comprehensive resource library includes Vose correspondence with artists from as early as the 1860s, many of whose work we continue to handle, and complete exhibition history and sales records. We enjoy sharing our knowledge and insight about the artists and their work. Our annual newsletter, Vose ArtNotes: A Guide for Collectors, has been a favorite among our clients for its teaching articles and scholarly approach.

While we share many of our catalogues in the PDF format that may be downloaded, we are unable to process requests at this time to buy catalogues until the gallery is fully up and running.

Insights on Collecting
Subject: Advice on the Art World
Spring 2016
48 pages

Sunlight and Shadow: American Impressionism in New England and Abroad
Subject: American Impressionism
Dec. 2004
19 pages; 46 color plates

Crosscurrents: The Colonies, Clubs & Schools that Established Impressionism in America
Subject: American Impressionism

Featuring the Collection of Abbot W. and Marcia L. Vose

Fall 2016
80 pages

From Narrow Coves to Mountaintops: A Survey in American Realism
Subject: American Realism
Fall 2015
40 pages

Barbizon Returns to Vose
Subject: Barbizon

Essays by Donna Heinley and Alexandra R. Murphy

Oct. 1993
24 pages; 24 color plates

Boston Art Club 1855-1950
Subject: Boston Art Club

Essays by Nancy A. Jarzombek, Michelle L. Hoeffler, Siobhan Wheeler and Robin Dabney

Oct. 2000
88 pages; 94 color, 29 b&w plates
$30 hard cover, $20 soft cover

The Boston School Tradition: Truth, Beauty and Timeless Craft
Subject: Boston School
June 2015
68 pages; 72 color plates

One Hundred Years on Cape Ann: 1840-1940
Subject: Cape Ann
Summer 1990
6 pages foldout; 4 color, 3 b&w plates

Realism Now: Traditions & Departures, Mentors and Protégés
Subject: Contemporary Realism
Nov. 2003
46 pages; 54 color, 1 b&w plates

Realism Now: Traditions & Departures, Mentors and Protégés, Part II
Subject: Contemporary Realism
May 2004
46 pages; 52 color, 2 b&w plates

Holiday Accents
Subject: Holiday Accents
Winter 1992-1993
8 pages foldout; 22 b&w plates

American Ship Portrait and Marine Exhibition
Subject: Marines
Apr. 1990
24 pages; 6 color, 17 b&w plates

Spirit of the Sea
Subject: Marines and Seascapes
Oct. 2010
3 page fold-out; 13 color plates

Defining a Nation: Paintings of Nineteenth-Century America, Featuring the Wheeler Collection
Subject: Nineteenth Century

Essays by Rachel Beaupre and Courtney Kopplin

October 2007
25 pages; 36 color plates

Forging a National Identity: 19th Century American Paintings, Featuring the Collection of Matthew S. and Helen M. Mickiewicz
Subject: Nineteenth Century

Essays by Marcia Vose and Courtney Kopplin

May 2012
44 pages; 32 color plates

Reginald A. Lombard Collection of Nineteenth Century Paintings
Subject: Nineteenth Century
Feb. 1984
16 pages; 11 color, 34 b&w plates

Our Best to You
Subject: Our Best to You

A selection of spectacular paintings paired with poetry and prose

Jan. 2002
58 pages; 35 color plates

Our Best to You: 170th Anniversary Edition
Subject: Our Best to You: 170th Anniversary Edition

A selection of outstanding paintings paired with ephemera from the Vose Galleries archives

March 2011
56 pages; 34 color plates

Charles Hawthorne and Jerry Farnsworth: A Provincetown Legacy
Subject: Provincetown

Essay by Rachel Beaupre

Nov. 2008
20 pages; 5 b&w, 22 color plates

Recent Acquisitions: Fall 2008
Subject: Recent Acquisitions: Fall 2008
Sept. 2008
39 pages; 21 color plates

Affordable Art for the Nineties Collector
Artist: Frank Weston Benson
Subject: Vose 150th Affordable Art

Includes artist bios.

Winter 1991-92
26 pages.; 51 b&w plates

Vose Galleries: A Commemorative Catalogue
Subject: Vose Galleries: A Commemorative Catalogue
52 pages; 30 color, 35 b&w plates

The New England Watercolor Tradition, 1920-1950
Subject: Watercolors

Essays by Nancy Jarzombek and Marcia Vose

May 2006
47 pages; 69 color, 1 b&w plates

The World in Watercolor: Painted Impressions by New England Artists
Subject: Watercolors
June 2008
8-page brochure; 14 color plates

Beyond A Woman's Place: Pioneers in American Art
Subject: Woman Artists
March 2012
37 pages; 29 color plates