Estate Representation

Walter Farndon (1873-1964)

Catalogue cover for Vose 
Galleries' 1991 exhibition

Since 1991 we have held six exhibitions of Walter Farndon’s paintings, and have sold hundreds of oils and watercolors to a very receptive audience. One might wonder why so many of Farndon’s paintings were left in his estate, and, like so many artists, we can only surmise that Farndon would rather have spent his time painting than promoting his work. While he was in many prestigious group exhibitions, there were only four solo sales exhibitions, which were held at the well-known Grand Central Art Galleries in New York City in 1926, 1928, 1945 and 1946.

Working with the artist’s stepdaughter, in 1991 Vose Galleries first presented the fresh, vibrant paintings of Walter Farndon to an enthusiastic public. For almost fifty years Vose Galleries has specialized in discovering and promoting the estates of early 20th century American Impressionists. Many, like Farndon, were widely exhibited and critically acclaimed, only to disappear from the public eye after their deaths. His prolific body of work continues to delight our friends and collectors, with our most recent exhibition of over thirty paintings in 2013.