Estate Representation

Charles Roussel (1861-1936)

It is rare that a quantity of any successful artist’s work remains together for a period of time. When a friend came to Vose Galleries in 1987 with a proposal of a Boston opening and exhibition of Charles Roussel’s work, the Vose family was immediately interested. The individual’s art background and association with the Roussel family peaked this enthusiasm, and resulted in a trip to Paris in October of 1987 to see Roussel’s paintings. The quality of light, color and atmosphere in his works confirmed our initial interest. After that, there were only details to be worked out before Charles Roussel’s Boston debut.

Roussel’s work was warmly accepted in 1989 with a preview exhibition at the French Library in the Back Bay, one month before Vose Galleries’ major exhibition in March. Concurrently, the Boston Symphony Orchestra featured compositions by the artist’s cousin, Albert Roussel. The enthusiastic reception of Roussel’s paintings led to another exhibition of over fifty more unseen works the next year.