Estate Representation

John J. Enneking (1841-1916)

Catalogue cover for John J. 
Enneking exhibit at Vose Galleries,
February 1962

Paintings by John Joseph Enneking are not new to the Vose Galleries. During his lifetime, the artist frequently exhibited with us, and Robert C. Vose served as the agent for the family in liquidating the Enneking estate. Over the years, recognition for the artist grew at a rate which R.C. Vose Jr. had not seen equaled in his forty years plus with the gallery. During Vose Galleries’ memorial exhibition in 1917, twenty-seven landscapes were hung, sold out, re-hung with an equal number, and sold out again. The Vose family has remained devoted to John Enneking; with six solo shows since the artist’s death in 1916, and most recently in 2009.